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Rum, coke and blokes

He was in Nepal for the first time in fifteen years which meant Lhomus was 42 now and that also meant his dad was also 42. At least one could tell that comparing their faces and the vigour his dad always possessed throughout his life. When Lhomus had left for US in his mid-twenties his dad was in his mid-fifties but with the time, he kept growing older and his dad younger. Sometimes he used to wonder maybe it’s the water of the west that facilitates ageing or may be the clean air of the west that dries the skin too rapidly creating myriad creases around face. He, however, knew the actual reason of his senescent features and had been trying hard not to believe that. Anyway at this point he didn’t seem to care and in fact he was very happy to meet his dad younger and as a contemporary. Those fifteen years of seclusion from the motherland also meant both Lhomus and Nepal had moved a long way since the last time they had met each other. But still the concept of a dad and his son joining an evening pub for rum and cigarettes together was perceived as an alien culture and here they were in one of the old and famous bar of their hometown with two coke-cocktailed dark rum and a pack of filter cigarettes between them. After first shot his father offered him a cigarette and suddenly the bar room looked heavenly with all the smoke and lights giving the feel of a divine environment.

His dad picked up the topic as he used to fifteen years ago…

“So, are u ready now? But before you answer, let me warn you, it’s either now or never for you.”

Lhomus remembered that his father had very low threshold for alcohols and even with two shots he had already started..

“Ready?? For what??”

“Don’t try to bullshit me. Let me make you clear I’ll no longer be able to find a young and sexy girl for a guy who is already 42 and also hell lot of older than his dad. So either you plan to get married this year or stay single all your life.”

“But in the first place how do you know she is sexy”. Lhomus tried to bend the topic but his dad had made up his mind for this conversation since a long time.

“I looked at her mom when your mom was not around. So the daughter must have inherited some good genes as well. She can’t go all to her dad. And I’m not in a mood of humour for tonight so get it straight and tell me if you are going to do it or not.”

“But dad, why don’t you understand I can’t marry a girl whom I’ve never met or talk or spend any time together. I need to be in love with a girl first.”

“Don’t worry about that. You are going to meet, mate, talk, make love and spend all of your life with her as you’ll marry her and isn’t it enough that your dad has seen her.”

“I can’t disagree with your choice if I look at mom but I still believe I should find my girl on my own.”

“I have given you enough years to find your own girl, but dear son, you have missed the deadline a long time ago. By the way, where is your girl that you thought was right for you?”

“Oh! She is living with her husband and kids in some other corner of the planet. I’m planning to go and find her next year and poison the food of her husband and then she would be all mine.”

Lhomus made another attempt to divert the topic and had expected his dad to laugh. He showed no reaction whatsoever. He didn’t even smile.

“I have my eyes set on two nurses and one another business major for you. One of the nurse looks like a keeper on first sight but other two aren’t bad either. The choice is yours. Don’t be late.”

“Don’t you think I can keep all three, like grand-dad years ago? I still remember my grandmother was his youngest wife. That way I can find something in each girl that would appeal me.”

“I told you earlier-no jokes tonight. Ok, let’s suppose, even if I agree with you and grant you few more years to find your own girl, what if you don’t find anyone by then.”

“I promise you dad I won’t look after any girls after that.”

“Does that mean you are going to stay single all your life?”

“Who told you that? I think I’ll start looking for boys that would match my interest. After all I’m not a communist or a feminist and I believe in gender equity like my dad.”

As soon as he spoke he sensed his victory. His dad gulped the remaining liquid in his glass and started laughing. Some other people in the nearby tables were smiling too, almost as if they understood all the intellectual talks of the two contemporaries. In fact both Lhomus and Nepal had moved a long way towards the West.

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